Monday, December 7, 2009

Book Rating System

I have a book rating system now. As I have reviewed more books, I found this necessary. Now let's be clear, this is just my personal opinion, which may or may not agree with yours. After hours of trying to decide what type of symbol I wanted to use, the teacher in my just could not get past a grading system, so here it is....

A+ - One of the best books I have read. I want a sequel! This one I just might re-read. Makes my list of best books of all time.

A - Highly recommended - well written with a capitvating storyline (fiction) or interesting topic (non-fiction)

B+ - Interesting and enjoyable. Would recommend.

B- Enjoyable read, flaws in research or story flow. Lacks depth, but would recommend to people who like the topic or genre

C+ - Average as a whole, but parts are good. Could have been better written.

C - Very average. Would probably not recommend.

D - Not enjoyable at all, wish I had used my time to read something else.

F - Terrible, so bad I did not finish the book

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