Sunday, December 6, 2009

FREE BOOKS from NCSS Conference

I was lucky enough to win a scholarship to attend the National Council for the Social Studies Conference when it was held in Atlanta a few weeks ago. With budget cuts and almost no staff development funds, this was a huge deal.

While the conference sessions left a bit to be desired for my subjects - very little Geography and almost no European History, there were several benefits from attending...

1. I saw several AP Human Geography reader friends from all across the US.

2. I got to participate in a focus group with 2 authors who are writing a new Human Geography textbook -- this was a GREAT experience! Only 12 were invited and it was a great chance to talk about what we want in a textbook and where our subject is heading.

and the best part....

3. FREE BOOKS! I picked up 13 free books, several of them not available to the public yet. Now that is a book lovers dream!

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