Tuesday, October 6, 2009

THe Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood

By Dr. William Sears et all

My children have food sensitivities. They are not diagnosed and their pediatrician and psychologist think I am nuts, but when my kids eat certain things, they act a bit crazy. They are short tempered and emotional and family life is not all that much fun sometimes. Couple that with the fact that my 10 year old son is on medication that makes him have almost no appetite at all and you have a mother that is going crazy trying to get her kids to eat all the right things.

Enter Dr. Sears…. This is one of those books I found just browsing the book store and it seemed like an answer to my prayers and in a way it was. Dr. Sears bases his nutritional advice on his own battle with cancer as well as many, many years as one of the most successful pediatricians in the United States. While all of his strategies do not fit with our way of life, eating styles or preferences, I have made many positive changes in our eating habits that have made a huge difference.

Substituting ½ whole wheat flour for white in recipes
Serving “colorful” vegetables
Protein smoothies for breakfast
Less processed foods
Grazing is healthy
How to read labels correctly

These are just a few of the changes we have made since June and I can tell a difference. With our crazy schedules we sometimes get off track and end up eating out several times a week. When this happens, I can tell a difference in how my kids behave.

My kids are great eaters. They always have been. They love fresh fish, vegetables like asparagus and broccoli and every fresh fruit known to man. The problem was me, not taking the time to feed my family like I should. This book showed me it really is not that hard to feed them food that is healthy.

Rating - A+


  1. It amazes me how pediatricians dismiss us when we bring up the subject of food sensitivities. I have always wondered about this with my kids, who all have various "special needs." How did you figure out which foods affect your kids adversely? Did you have to keep a journal, or was it just abundantly obvious?

  2. I just noticed patterns in their behavior over time. I never kept anything as organized as a journal-- that would have made too much sense! Sugar, MSG, Red dye #5 are the really big ones at our house. In moderation, my kids are fine, but a day at Grandma's house, with all the treats involved, means a couple of rough days at our house afterwards.