Saturday, January 2, 2010


By Stephenie Meyer

I made the mistake of seeing New Moon a few weekends ago. I liked the movie, close to the book, but I still have a hard time with the casting, just not who I would have picked -- guess that's why I'm not a Hollywood casting agent. But, it made me come right home and re-read Eclipse, just to remind myself what happens next.

Let me be clear, I don't read vampire books. Not at all in my realm of interest, but when you teach high school you sometimes have to make sacrifices. Several students told me I just HAD to read Twilight and so I finally did. Loved it! Then I read New Moon, and Eclipse in a 48 hour time period. I went with some students to B&N at midnight for the release of Breaking Dawn. I know, pathetic, but had a great time with some really super kids. I boycotted the Twilight movie since the kids and several adults who's opinion I trust, said it was terrible and I didn't want to mess up the perfect images I had created for myself while reading. I do however have the original movie poster hanging in my classroom -- a gift from a student who worked at the movie theater at the time. It makes me the "really cool" teacher on the hall.

I know these books have plenty of critics, especially how they portray the treatment of women. Yes, I do think it is more than a little creepy that Edward watches Bella sleep and that she turns into a virtual zombie when he leaves her, but that is what young love is like. Believe me, I see it everyday. You are not going to change to obsessiveness of first love. I can also see my own husband exhibiting some Edward-like behavior, not because he is possessive (oh, so not) but because quite honestly he adores me (and I adore him).

What I like about the books most is the return to morals and values, especially in regards to sex. Edward and Bella do not have sex until they are married and it is not just because he will hurt her in her frail human form. At the very root, is his desire (and eventually hers too) to do everything "right". This is the example that should be set for teenagers, both male and female. I see the devastation of having sex too early all the time. It is much more devastating to a yound girl than just about anything else. Her self-esteem drops, she looses her friends that have not had sex yet, her reputation is destroyed. This is the lesson I hope girls take away from the book.

Off my soapbox now... I enjoyed this one just as much the second time around and when I finished it, I of course, opened Breaking Dawn...

Rating - B

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  1. Great review Jenny. This was a good series, but by the end I was vampired-out...LOL