Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010 Reading Challenges Wrap Up

I joined 4  - year long reading challenges this year and I was afraid to even think about evaluating my success on any of them.  I lost my reading mojo at the beginning of the summer and gave up on it around September.  I couldn't seem to finish a book and had about 8 laying around the house in various stages of "unreadness".  But, as my dear husband would say, I "manned up" and evaluated how little I had accomplished this year. 

I was most successful on the Take Another  Chance Challenge - I joined at the Small Gamble Level, requiring me to read 3 books out of my comfort zone.  I actually read 2 out of the 3.

The Historical Fiction Challenge was also fairly successful.  I signed on at the Obsessed level or 20 books.  I completed 14 out of the 20. 

I was really interested in the concept of the Social Justice Challenge, but once I lost my reading mojo, there was no hope of me focusing on the serious topics and heavier content of the books this challenge necessitated.  I hope another challenge like this comes my way at some point as I really want to complete the list of books and actions steps I had planned.  I did read books for Religious Freedom, Water, Domestic Violence and Child Abuse, and Child Soldiers and Children at War, so 4 out of 12 books. 

The Read the Book, See the Movie challenge was an epic fail for me.  I did not read one book, nor see one of the movies I put on my list.  This challenge however still interests me and I hope to read the books and see the movies from my original list in 2011. 

All in all, not as bad as I thougth it would be.  I read 35 books in 2010, 20 of which were for challenges.  This gives me hope for the challenges I am considering signing up for in 2011. 

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