Thursday, July 16, 2009

My "Little" Literary Shopping Spree

I was a very bad girl today! I went book shopping for our upcoming beach vacation. Not that I needed any books, but my historical fiction tbr is seriously lacking and I really wanted to take a good one on vacation, soooooo I visited some blog friends.... big mistake! Marie at The Burton Review had reviewed Sacred Hearts by Sarah Dunant and after reading her review, I just HAD to have it. On Marie's blog, I also found Pope Joan by Donna Woolfolk Cross and The Last Queen by C.W. Gortner. Stephanie at Laughing Stars, listed How to Read Literature Like a Professor on her blog today and well, that went on my list too. In addition to these, I picked up 6 more books, for a total of 10!! My husband it going to take away my Am Ex card, but at least I will have enough to read until I get it back!


  1. *LOL!* Visiting book blogs (and bookstores) is bad for the budget. I mad ethe mistake of stopping in Waldenbooks while killing time before my daughter's doctor's appointment the other day. I spent over $80 (yikes!) That's where I got Salt, How to Read Literature Like a Professor, The Invention of Air, and the memoir by the author of Reading Lolita in Tehran.

  2. Oh - I just love to look at stacks of newly purchased books! Enjoy reading them all -- I have read and re-read How to Read Literature Like a Professor. I absolutely love it